Waterborne Radon Reduction – Bloomington, Indiana

Waterborne Radon Contamination in Bloomington, Indiana

Waterborne Radon Bloomington IndianaWhile radon often enters your home through small cracks or openings in the foundation or portions of the walls beneath the ground, it can also enter your home through its water supply. Since radon is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, it is undetectable without the aid of specific testing, leaving you and your family at risk of serious health issues. The water supply can be just as dangerous as the air within your home if it is contaminated with radon, especially since you don’t even know it is there. In fact, your residential water supply can be contaminated with radon even if the air within your home isn’t.

Many of the homes located in Bloomington, Indiana are at risk of waterborne radon contamination. It is important to have your home checked by professional radon mitigation contractors for waterborne radon contamination. If your home tests positive for this radioactive gas, then you should move forward with radon mitigation strategies to reduce the presence of waterborne radon.

Waterborne Radon Test In Bloomington

One of the reasons that waterborne radon contamination is so serious is the simple fact that people use water continuously throughout the day. Think about how many times a day you use water to bathe, brush your teeth, wash your hair, launder your clothes and bedding, wash the dishes, or take a drink. Every time you turn on the tap, you are exposing yourself to this harmful contamination if your water supply has been infiltrated by radon.

Once your ground water has been contaminated by radon, it can enter your home and travel along each pipe to every room that has water going to it. You need to obtain radon mitigation services promptly to deal with this contamination before it does any more harm to your family. First, you should have professional testing completed by a radon mitigation contractor in the Bloomington, Indiana area. Try to get a company that has experience dealing with waterborne radon contamination so you can be sure that they know what they are doing. Waterborne radon contamination is serious and requires specific strategies to remedy the problem.

Finding a qualified radon mitigation company in Bloomington, Indiana is as simple as asking the right questions when you interview a prospective contractor. You need to find out if the radon mitigation company has its state license if required by law as well as the proper certifications. Our radon mitigation contractors have the experience and credentials needed to complete waterborne radon reduction efficiently and quickly. Our professionals have the proper type of equipment to handle this type of radon contamination, efficiently reducing the levels of radon in your residential water supply. When we fix a problem with waterborne radon contamination, the solution is permanent not temporary. Choose the best radon mitigation contractor for the most effective results.