How Radon is Reduced – Bloomington, Indiana

How is Radon Reduced in Bloomington

Every resident of Bloomington needs to have his or her home tested for radon, and every resident needs to be ready with a plan if high levels of this radioactive gas are found. Radon is a cumulative problem for residents of Bloomington, meaning that the longer your family is exposed the more danger they are in. If you find that your Bloomington area home is also home to high levels of radon, you need to take immediate steps to rectify the problem and reduce those levels as much as possible.

Reducing Radon BloomingtonHaving a good understanding of how radon is reduced in the Bloomington area can help you find the best contractor, so try to educate yourself as much as possible even before you have your home tested. As you do your research, you will find that radon enters homes in the Bloomington area in two main ways – through the ground and through the water. Depending on the nature of your home and the radon in the area, your home could be contaminated in one of these ways, or from both sources.

Radon gas is everywhere, including the Bloomington area. You could have high levels of radon gas in the ground around your Bloomington home, and the high pressure pushing on the walls of your house can cause the gas to seep through even the smallest cracks in the foundation or basement walls.

Radon Contamination

If the ground itself is found to be the source of the radon contamination, the radon contractor will focus on equalizing the pressure between the inside and outside of your home. By equalizing the pressure around your home, you deny the radon gas entry and reduce levels over time. Radon contractors use a number of different techniques to deal with this problem, so you might want to contact several vendors for further information. Those radon contractors can help you come up with a plan you can use to stop radon from entering your home and eliminate the radon that is already there.

Radon, Groundwater, Your Home

Radon can also get into your home through the groundwater. If there are high levels of radon in the water inside your home, the radon contractor will work with you on a plan to eliminate that contamination and make the water safe again. The methods used by radon contractors can be adapted to fit the needs of each home, so you will need to discuss those plans and techniques with the contractor before work begins.