Air Purification Systems – Bloomington, Indiana

Air Purification Systems in Bloomington, Indiana

Air Purification Bloomington IndianaMost people don’t even think about the quality of the air within their home. Instead, they simply believe that the air is clean and safe to breathe. After all, the indoor air is clear and seems to be free of contaminants. Unfortunately, indoor air typically harbors countless micro-organisms, germs, bacteria, and even viruses. In fact, more likely than not, whether you live in Bloomington, Indiana or somewhere else, the air within your home isn’t as clean and fresh as the air found outside of your home. This is because each of the pollutants remains present in the air, growing in numbers.

Even with filters in place on a building’s heating and cooling system, the pollutants found in the air are not removed. These filters typically remove dust and dirt particulates, allowing harmful micro-organisms to remain and breed in the air. Your heating and cooling systems simply reuse the same air over and over again. However, the use of an ultraviolet air purification system can practically eliminate contaminants from your indoor air no matter where you live in Bloomington, Indiana.

Another source of contamination that often occurs in dwellings around the country, including those found in Bloomington, Indiana, is radon. This radioactive gas seeps into a home through its foundation, basement walls, or ground water. When this happens, the only way to get it out is to use the services of a radon mitigation company. If you suspect that your indoor air is contaminated by this hazardous gas, get in touch with our company to discuss radon mitigation techniques to alleviate the situation. It’s important to understand that radon mitigation strategies only remove radon, they do not remove viruses, bacteria, or other micro-organisms.

Cleaning the Air in Your Home Using an Ultraviolet Air Purification System

For years, hospitals and government offices and buildings have used ultraviolet air purification systems to clean their air. Up until recently, UV air purification systems weren’t available for homeowners residing in Bloomington, Indiana at affordable prices. All of that has changed now, and homeowners living in Bloomington, Indiana can have one of these systems installed in their homes, enabling them to breathe clean air every day. Our company installs and explains how to use ultraviolet air purification systems to clean indoor air. If you have any questions, please contact us.

The UV air purification system does its job well, eliminating most of the germs that heating and cooling filters, harsh chemicals, and ionization can not. It is designed to clean and sterilize indoor air continually throughout the day. It uses a special sterilization chamber through which the air passes. When the air is released back into your home with a air purification system, nearly 100% of the potentially dangerous micro-organisms have been killed, providing your Bloomington, Indiana home with clean, fresh air to breathe.