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Friday, October 26, 2012 @ 03:10 PM
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Bloomington, Indiana Air Quality Problem

Indiana Indoor Air QualityIf you are a resident of Bloomington, Indiana, then air quality is a problem you may have already heard of. Did you know that poor air quality is linked to early mortality, permanent lung damage, increased effects of asthma, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, and many other damaging health effects? On top of the poor air quality, radon gas is another threat that you should be aware of. Each year over 20,000 people perish from radon gas in the form of lung cancer.

At this given moment, your Bloomington, Indiana home may be a hotbed for breeding long term health problems simply because of poor air quality. Radon gas, may be reduced by as much as 99% with a properly installed air purification system. You may be able to reduce levels of other pollutants as well with our air purification systems.

Air Quality Index in Bloomington

Now that you know the serious health concerns related with poor air quality in the Bloomington area, you need to know about the air quality index which helps determine the safety of your area in regard to air quality. The EPA designed the air quality index to help determine the true safety by factoring in four common air pollutants, and creating a scale which resembles the health risks associated with varying levels of these pollutants.

The AQI encompasses sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, particle pollution, and ground level ozone. These are four great determining factors when calculating the air quality of your Bloomington home, but remember that the AQI does not include radon gas. Radon gas can form in nearly any soil, and seep into your home or basement through the foundation. It is important to have a professional test, and install an air purification system as necessary for proper radon mitigation.

So just how unhealthy is the air quality of Bloomington? On a scale of 0-500, the air quality index score will give us a good idea. Only 0 to 50 is considered a safe level with little to no health risks. 50-100 is the first of the danger levels indicating a health risk for many of the citizens of Bloomington. Although this is the first danger level, this is the range of the current air quality in Indiana, and informs us that Bloomington is not safe in regard to air quality.

The scale continues to grow reflecting greater and greater danger, with levels in excess of 300 indicating hazardous levels. To put it into perspective, levels in excess of 300 may not be found unless you were actually in a forest fire. The EPA does state that levels in excess of 200 have been observed several times a year, and indicate dangerous levels for everyone. Now that you know your increased likelihood of health risks due to poor air quality, take action during air quality awareness month, and start breathing clean air again.