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Why Radon Abatement Is Necessary

Radon Abatement Bloomington IndianaRadon is a colorless gas that seeps out of the ground. One could call it natural, since it is a naturally produced byproduct of the reactions of radioactive elements deep inside the earth. But this radioactivity means that it is still very harmful. Ordinarily, radon gas levels in the open air are negligible and therefore harmless. However, under certain circumstances, radon gas can build up indoors to the point that it becomes dangerous. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, only behind cigarette smoking.

Radon is chemically unreactive and completely inert. It does not interact with other chemicals or elements, or even with other radon particles. It is the densest gas known to science. You might think, then, that it would not cause trouble, but this “moody loner” of the periodic table can be quite problematic. It is a single-atom gas, so it can pass through rock, stone and other solid materials. Normally it will not do so because it is so dense and heavy. However, modern buildings are much warmer inside than the ground beneath them; warmer air means lower pressure, which means the building actually wicks cooler air and other gases out of the ground, causing a “stack effect” vacuum. Tar paper, wood, insulation, sheetrock and even concrete provide no barrier to single atoms of radon, so the stack effect pulls radon out of the ground and lets it pool on the ground floor or in the basement. It is there that the gas gets mixed up with dust particles, stirred, swept up and pulled into the building’s air circulation system.

When Radon Abatement Is Necessary

Radon has a radioactive half-life of about a month. That is more than enough time to travel through the ground, up into the air and into your lungs. The human lung has no vent or method to expel things that get into it other than coughing a lot, so the radon will have plenty of time to quietly decay, surrounded by healthy living tissue. Lung tissue is some of the most sensitive tissue in the body, and even single radioactive particles can cause significant harm.

How Radon Abatement Works

Bloomington is a gorgeous city, and the gently rolling Indiana terrain could not be a more ideal location to build a house and raise a family — as long as you ensure that they are protected from radon gas contamination. Radon abatement, or the process of clearing radon from your home and making sure it cannot get in again, is essential for health safety and family security. SWAT Environmental specializes in radon abatement in the Bloomington region. Their experts can test your home to determine exactly how much radon gas it contains, and can also determine how it is getting inside. They have access to an extensive array of radon abatement systems, which means that they can choose the options that best keep your family protected.