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Radon Indiana – What You Need to Know About Radon Gas Detection

Radon Gas IndianaIf you live in the Bloomington area, you already know about the many dangers that can threaten the roof over your head. You probably have insurance against many of these threats, including fires, floods and storm damage. But one of the most dangerous threats to your Bloomington area home can come in silently, and you may never even know you and your family is at risk.

That silent threat is radon gas, and it is present nearly everywhere in the Bloomington area. When you are outside in the open air you do not have to worry too much about radon, since the concentrations are too low to be of any consequence. It is only when radon gas is concentrated and confined within the four walls of your home that you need to be worried.

If you have high levels of radon in your home, you do indeed need to be worried, because the health consequences of radon exposure can be quite serious. Radon gas could cause you to develop lung cancer, even if you have never smoked a day in your life. Worse yet, the longer you are exposed to radon inside your Indiana home the more significant the long term health damage could be.

Radon in Indiana

That is why it is so important for all Bloomington, IN residents to have their homes tested as soon as possible. You may have had your home tested for radon gas when you first bought it, since many real estate contracts require disclosure of a radon problem. But if it has been awhile since that first test, now is the perfect time to repeat the test. The acceptable level of radon gas has recently been lowered, so it pays to protect yourself and your family with a repeat test.

The radon detection process is a very specialized process, and not one most general contractors will be able to tackle. Radon gas is invisible to the naked eye, and it does not have an odor or a taste. In order to detect radon in your Bloomington area home, the company you hire will need to deploy specialized testing equipment. The company will use that specialty equipment to check the air inside your home for radon gas. Once they have done so, they will give you a report card showing just how serious a threat radon is inside your Bloomington area home.

Call SWAT Environmental Radon Gas Testing & Mitigation

If the testing of your Bloomington area home shows that the radon levels are normal, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you and your family are protected. But if you do find high levels of radon inside your home, you will have received an important early warning notice.

From there you will be able to work out a mitigation plan to reduce levels of radon inside your Bloomington area home. A quality radon mitigation company will be able to work with you to get rid of the threat from existing radon and stop new radon gas from seeping in. But you will never know for sure until you have your home tested for radon gas.